Cardano Sports

it’s all about CNFTs!

Cardano Sports is going to launch its 1st CNFT Season to celebrate the 2022 World Cup and at the same time has the goal to build the most enthusiastic and active community in the NFT world with plenty of contests and numerous NFTs from the best Cardano Projects!!!

Time to kick off!

Cardano Sports Season 1 Mint is Live

Games and contests will take place during the Football World Cup – all prizes will be in CNFTs!

Policy ID 4c662cbc6c5c0b10185471dabb0ce0a8e6bcb9fac03156087df6681e


S1: Football/Soccer Furry Friends


Our Tokens airdrop to S1 holders – needed for joining WL for next seasons / To be our Game Currency


S2: American Football Bulls Friends mintable with $port and $Ada


Our Mint will take place before important sports competitions and holders will join many contests with loads of prizes in CNFT

Cardano Sports Season 1


8 different type of furry Characters


4 kinds of Football Balls!


24 National Teams Jersey


12 Different Pairs of Boots (or socks!)


10 Different Backgrounds

Football Furry Friends

2,222 Randomly Generated Football Furry Players!

About Founders

Here to build the most enthusiastic CNFT Community

Messi Hoskinson


Aleigh Ada




Our Q&A

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Cardano Sports?

Cardano Sports is a CNFT Project sports related (obviously) with the aim to build the most active and enthusiastic CNFT Community!

2. What is your plan?

Our Plan is to launch furry CNFT Collections and to organize contexts on Discord for our Holders in which they can win CNFTs from the Best Cardano Collections such as Space Budz, Clay Nation, Chilled Kongs, Boss Cat, Ape Nations and so on..

3. Are you really offering prizes to winners?

Yes, we want to give back to the community! Our CNFT Prizes will be from other Cardano Collections and they will be bigger and bigger during our journey (Season 1 Mint price 6.5 not huge prizes but from Season 2 get ready to get all the best CNFTs SpaceBudz, Clay Nation, Boss Cat, Chilled Kong, The Ape Society and many more!)

4. When Season 1?

Season 1 will be launched on 16th of November. 2,222 Furry Football Players invading Cardano during the World Cup! Mint Price 6.5 ADA!

5. What’s next?

After World Cup, we are going to airdrop our Token $port to our Holders. This token will be needed for minting next Seasons! Season 2 will be launched before NFL Playoffs while Season 3 before NBA ones! Obviously we will do new contests during Season 2 and Season 3 to reward holders with CNFTs!